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OS Mercator

The barquentine Mercator was built as a training ship for the Belgian merchant fleet. She was named after Gerardus Mercator (1512–1594), a famaus Flemisch scientist and cartographer. She was built in Leith, Scotland and launched in 1932.

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O.129 Amandine

Visit the side trawler Amandine, last witness of the glorious “Ostend Iceland fishing”. The ship was launched in 1961 and withdrawn from the fleet in 1995.

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Raversyde Atlantikwall

The Atlantikwall is one of the best-preserved remains of the German defense line. Visit the Saltzwedel Nue Battery from WWII or the unique site of the Aachen Battery from WWI. There is also a tour called ‘Highlights’ which follows a route relating to the First and the Second World War.
Open to groups from mid April to mid November.

Bookings for this tour, please contact: Raversyde Tel. 059 70 22 85.

Raversyde anno 1465

The lost fishing village of Walraversyde is one of the most important archeological sites in Flanders and one of the best studied fishing communities in Europe. This medieval settlement projects the way of living of fishermen along the Flemisch coast.
Open to groups from mid April to mid November.

Bookings for this tour, please contact: Raversyde Tel. 059 70 22 85.

James Ensor house

Oostende is your destination if you want to wander through the mind of James Ensor (1860-1949). This house was indeed the operating base of the world-famous painter from 1917 onwards. This is where he lived and worked.

The museum and the visiting center are completely renewed since 2020.

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Fort Napoleon

The fort is a testimony to the importance of Ostend as a fortified city. It is located in the dunes on the east bank of Ostend, within walking distance of the harbor and the sea. Napoleon Bonaparte had the fort built in 1811 in order to repel a possible British invasion.

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Information & conditions

A standard walk usually takes 2 hours. You can ask for a shorter walk or choose a shorter visit.

For a standard walk of two hours you pay € 70,00. Each additional hour will cost & 35,00. Prices for walks or visits which take less than 2 hours will be agreed at reservation.

The applicant can always cancel his reserved walk for free three days before the guided tour. Later cancellation: in this case the applicant will pay the costs of the organisator:
- cancellation 1 or 2 days before the guided tour: & 15,00/guide
- cancellation on the same day or when a group does not show up - the full price of the guided tour will be charged.
The guide will wait for the group up to 60 minutes after the time of reservation.

For you and our guides’ comfort we accept maximum 25 people per group. Do you come with a exceptional large group? No worries, the Ostend guides society has enough experienced and qualified guides.

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